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The Lifter

Sale price$1,699.00

Raise and lower heavy loads of up to 240 pounds mechanically with the modular Lifter Rack.  Tee Slot rails allow you to customize your Lifter Rack to accommodate you carrying needs.

Quick Connect Hitch Cleat: 4 inch

Quick Connect Hitch Cleat

Shipping in June

2' Hitch Receiver

2 inch Hitch Receiver for Cars + RVS

240 lbs

240 pound Capacity

Use your own trays or do a custom build

E-Bike Rack for Effortless and Secure Transit

Say goodbye to the struggle of lifting heavy bikes and managing bulky rack setups. Our modular design accommodates third party trays and DIY solutions. Alternatively, our bike mounts accommodate most bikes on the market. Easy installation, removal, and storage means more time on the trails.

The Lifter
Hand Crank
Socket Adaptor

The Lifter rack lowered to the ground, with bike ready to roll off

Raises and lowers 240 LBS, so you don't have to

Use your power drill or the hand crank provided to use the mechanical lifting. Our bike tray sits flat on the ground for most vehicles, enabling effortless rolling on and off.

Use your own bike trays, or opt for a custom build

T-slot extrusions offer flexibility to use your own bike trays or opt for custom-tailored carrying solutions.

Man using the Quick Connect Hitch Cleat to remove the rack from the hitch easily

Installing, (and removing) a rack has never been this easy

Attach and detach your Bike Lifter with our Patent Pending Quick Connect Hitch. Perfect for starting your adventure quickly, and effortless removal when you're done.

Truck on tunnel road, carrying a The Lifter rack with two e-Bikes on it

Engineered to be with you for the long haul

An adaptable rack system built to be the last rack you'll need. Quality materials designed, and assembled in the USA.


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