The Lifter Rack lowering a heavy e-bike mechanically with a power drill

The E-Bike Rack that does the Heavy Lifting

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The modular rack system that's simple to use, customize, and store.

The Lifter

Lift and transport up to 240 pounds,
120 pounds per Bicycle Mount.

The Lifter rack lowered to the ground, with bike ready to roll off

Mechanical lifting does all the hard work, so you can roll off and ride

Two heavy e-bikes with baskets, and unusual frames secured in The Lifter

Adjustable fit to secure most E-bike frames and wheels on the market

Man using the Quick Connect Hitch Cleat to remove the rack from the hitch easily

Install and break down in record time with our patent pending Quick Connect Hitch Cleat

Uncompromising performance, designed to make hitting the road effortless

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"Boy, e-bikes sure are heavy, aren’t they? Enter the Suweeka Bike Lifter Rack, a rack designed to spare your back."
"A racking system designed to alleviate the stress of loading, unloading, and transporting e-bikes and e-motos."
"Introduces an automatic lift-and-lower design that makes it easier to load heavy e-bikes and e-motos."