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Bicycle Mount

Sale price$499.00

Our rugged bike mounts offer modular components for a precise fit to your bike frame.

Shipping in June

240 lbs

120 LBS per tray, up to 2 trays

2' Hitch Receiver

2" Hitch Receiver, can be used with Cars, Trucks & RVs

E-bike Step Through Frame

Adaptable to secure to most frames

Fat tires for bikes, up to 5"

Up to 5” in width, 29” & 700cc in diameter

A Secure Fit for any Frame

Our Stabilizer Arm and Frame Coupler combo ensures a perfect fit for any frame size, seamlessly adapting to various accessories like baskets and fenders. The Stabilizer arm pivots 180 degrees for effortless accommodation to any frame design, while the Frame Coupler slides and hand-tightens onto the Stabilizer Arm, allowing for easy customization. Multiple tie-down areas guarantee a precise fit tailored to your bike setup. Our bike trays accommodate tires up to 5” wide and wheels up to 29” & 700cc in diameter.

Stabilizer Arm & Frame Coupler
RollerCam Wheel straps x 2 

Two heavy e-Bikes lowered to the ground on The Lifter rack

A customizable fit to secure most E-bike frames

A modular design made to adjust to a wide variety of frames. Including bikes with front or rear baskets, fenders, backrests, running boards, wheel skirts, and fat tires.

Truck on tunnel road, carrying a The Lifter rack with two e-Bikes on it

Engineered to be with you for the long haul

An adaptable rack system built to be the last rack you'll need. Quality materials sourced, designed, and assembled entirely in the USA.


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